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Yamaha themed synth with better FMUI


“Simple UI for Complex Synthesis” or “Left Brain Tech for Right Brain Users”

A tactile/kinetic UI for an FM synthesizer to create sounds with 4 approaches:

1. Analog style knobs and sliders to create a specific sound or just explore.  The sliders allow for expression and making large changes quickly with a single hand and gesture (as opposed to single parameter adjustment with a knob).  

2. A Morph function inspired by the Opcode DX editor software to create sounds based on existing presets by morphing by some or all of the parameter setting (as opposed to a DSP effect) to the degree that the user desires.

3. A Random function also inspired by the Opcode DX editor.  Randomizing between the oscillator modulations and/or the rest of the synth parameters (filters/effect settings, envs, lfos, etc). 

4. The Blender Joystick for intentional or random-chaotic expression/exploration.  


There are no LCDs, menus or submenus editors required.  Just an LD for preset numbers and oscillator modulation group (OMG!) numbers.  The first 32 factory settings for the OMGs could include the original DX7 modulation routings.  The tab system allows for tacktile/kinetic controll of all parameters without the 1-knob-per-function expense (which also threatens mental filtering in interacting with a UI). 

Contributor - Level 3

Re: Yamaha themed synth with better FMUI

To make it REALLY cool you could add a 16 step sequencer as a modulation source. The tabs would designate the destination the same as all the other mod sources.  When a step button is selected you could adjust the glide amount between the next step.  The master outs could also go through a gate controlled by the sequencer.