Voice #12 panned hard right

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Just got a new Deepmind 12. In the store it wasn't hooked up stereo (I bought the display model since that's all they had left) so I didn't hear this at the time. But voice #12 seems panned hard right all the time. If I change the VCA panning to -127, it doesn't make sound at all.

I really hope this is a fixable thing.

Re: Voice #12 panned hard right

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Make sure that you are on the latest firmware and perform a full calibration.
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Re: Voice #12 panned hard right

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I've performed a full calibration...voice 12 has some issues...

So I ran calibration on that voice individually, all parameters. Here are the results:

Chk: 0
Res: 0
VCF: 0
Fin: 1
DCV: 0
DPW: 1
VCA: 0

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