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Dear Tribers,
Today, I am addressing you with a very important message, a message that will affect all of us. Over the past months I have shared with you, why we need to become Customer Obsessed. (Obsession is the domination of oneʼs thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire). Customer Obsession means that everything we do must be relevant to the Customers we chose to serve and also exceed their wants and needs.
Over the past years we all have become complacent and frankly we lost our focus and purpose why we exist and come to work. Organizations who lose their customer purpose will cease to exist and we have seen many examples such as Nokia, Blackberry, Avaya, Kodak, etc. You know my favorite line: “Happiness comes from doing meaningful things for other people in return for appreciation and recognition.”
Who Pays Our Salaries?
When I ask this question, people quickly respond by saying: “Itʼs you, Uli”. Nothing could be further from the truth as I am only representing our Customers who are gracious enough to keep us alive by buying our products. My job is to re-distribute our Customersʼ money to you the Tribers by paying your wages and acquiring new Tribers, equipment, facilities as well as a new company from time to time.
If we ever fail to deliver outstanding services, our Customers wonʼt buy our products anymore, money will dry out and we will cease to exist.
Hit Refresh
As the Music Tribe Leader I have an overall responsibility for our 4,000 Tribers and my only purpose is to ensure we as Music Tribe stay relevant and deliver incredible value to our
Customers. If I cannot deliver this task, I will have failed our Customers and a better leader should take my place.
Music Tribe is more important than myself and I am taking my given responsibility extremely seriously, a responsibility to create, retain and grow a Customer Obsessed organization where every Triber focuses on our Customers - every second of the day. Only if I can achieve this, I have fulfilled my role and responsibility and hence I will do everything in my power to deliver on this promise.
Over the past 2 months I have done lots of soul searching by taking the time to truly reflect on the Music Tribeʼs Vision but also my personal Vision. I am very grateful for all the people who have helped me on this insightful journey and today I am proud to present the outcome – our Music Tribe Vision which you can find in our Academy. The Music Tribe Vision is a Customer Obsessed Vision where all our services surround the ONE person that truly matters – our Customer.
Microsoftʼs CEO Satya Nadella wrote a book called “Hit Refresh”, a book which has greatly inspired me. It's a journey of a man who has applied his own values to an organization by defining and executing on a purpose; the purpose to serve Customers by truly empowering them. Look where Microsoft is today – within a short period of time, the company has done a complete turnaround and now become the worldʼs most valuable company.
Like all of you, I am also reporting to our Customers who have empowered me to serve them. I am responsible to ensure that we all act in the spirit of our Customer Vision, which means only one thing – to deliver true value to the our Customer. Consistently and relentlessly.
Think Slow – Act Fast
With the Music Tribe Vision now in place, itʼs time to act fast and relentlessly. We will be
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what is going on. I can’t get service, warranty, nothing. Half the service centers no longer take Midas pro series if anything from the tribe!

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