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One M32Live receiving 38 mic level signals from TWO DL 32s...

I tried this connection scheme. 


I have a rig with one M32Live for house and monitors. 
I have two DL32s. 
I want to have 40 (or 38 is all I think I can do) mic pres from stage. 
I have quickly tried a few options. Of course getting 32 channels through AES50A is the easy part. Its adding the 2nd DL 32 to fill in the Aux In channels at a mic level that I can't seem to make happen. 
I DID get my usual 32 channels of mic pres through the 1st DL32, and then got the last 6 channels through the other, but they were at line level. These were the three connections. 
M32 (Out AES50A), to 1st DL32 (input AES50A). 
1st DL32 (Out AES50B) to 2nd DL32 (input AES50A)
M32 (Out AES50B) to 2nd DL32 (input AES50B.) 
If this is doable, please show routing. 

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Re: One M32Live receiving 38 mic level signals from TWO DL 32s...

One additional advantage of using a DL32 on each port of the M32 (with firmware V3.11 or 3.12 anyway) is being able to directly use aux remap aes50A or B 1-6 without having to burn 2 mic pre's on one DL. You will get preamp gain control on those aux remap ch's BTW and you should get it using the other routing methods too. The obvious drawback is that second long cable from FOH, however at least you already have one as you used it with your loop routing scenario in the original post.


The User input and User output menus in V4 are very powerful features and are imo worth the few bugs reported. The extra routing potential is immense. Rumor has it firmware 4.01 is soon upon us anyway.