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Kirton Contributor - Level 1 an hour ago

an hour ago

Voicelive play

Which is your smallest compact unit for harmonies that can be used without a chordal input like gutar or keys.

lucid484 Contributor - Level 1 2 hours ago

2 hours ago

Neutron not working right

Ok, so I updated to the recent firmware a few weeks ago and had to finagle with that Zadig software in order to get it to install correctly.  Now I cannot for the life of me get the Neutron software to see my unit. ...

JmTeles Contributor - Level 3 3 hours ago

3 hours ago

X32 playback issues

Hello everybody, In usb playback interface I can only play wav files at 16bits/48khz sample rate, it's ok. But, even in this format, I can only view 4 of 5 songs on my usb stick, what's could be wrong? Note: it...

Shiven Contributor - Level 1 4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Um 2 output is 3.3v rather then 48 v

So i bought Behringer um 2 audio Inter face but now facing proble. The problem is some times the phantom power supply 3.3v only which drop my volume of mic. Plz help and I bought this on Amazon on 25 march 2019

Jokerpack Contributor - Level 1 7 hours ago

7 hours ago

Behringer RD 8 control songs/patterns via midi/USB

Hello Community,I have read about the midi/USB DAW Control in the RD 8 manual.Does it mean that patterns or songs can be changed by midi commands? This would be so great because i then could trigger different patterns wi...

producerlawson Contributor - Level 1 11 hours ago

11 hours ago

PoCo not detected

I recently bought a Powercore compact, with the knowledge of this being a tricky topic to get a working solution for.However I'm already having connectivity problems and I just wanted to trouble shoot a few things before...

Lucassm91 Contributor - Level 1 11 hours ago

11 hours ago

LMS-D26 firmware on website is not runable

Hi everyoneI have tried to update the firmware of my LMS-D26 turbosound device, but all in vain. I have followed rightly all the steps, but at least, it says: "The file is for a different model". Please, give me some fir...

Bstewart Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


XAir xr12

Mixer is connecting all 3 ways. But on each the laptop and table even the XAir monitor mix app so peaked on all inputs and outputs and no signal goes Thur inputs or outputs.. I'm stumped on what to do..  

shadwell Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


M32C physical main outs

Hello all, As you know the M32C has 2 1/4 out on the back labled "monitoring outoput" I would like to send a paif of mix buses out to these physical outs. I'm having trouble understand if that is possible. ...

Kaustic Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Power Attenuator

Bugera needs to make an Attenuator that can handle 150 Watts. I have 3 Amps that are over 100 Watts -6260 , 6262 and a Fender Dual Showman Reverb (135 Watts) so the PS1 Bugera makes is completelyuseless to me.