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27m ago

New Topic in Consumer Audio

No spare parts for 2 years old Tannoy loudspeakers ?

I have a couple of fairly new Tannoy Definition DC10T loudspeakers (2 years) where the dual concentric unit is broken du ...read more

3 hours ago

New Reply in Recording > Mixing

XR18 Solo Output not working properly

Hello to all, First of all my settings: Solo is ONLY working on AUX Channel, were my PC Sound is on.I press so ...read more

3 hours ago

New Topic in Musician > Synthesizers

Re-triggering on Model D - problems resolved?

I was about to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on a Model D when I read a review in the October SOS issue that mentio ...read more

5 hours ago

New Reply in Performance > Live Sound

X32 meltdown

Hi everyone, so... my trusty X32 Producer seems to have gone haywire out of the blue. I wasn't using it at the time ...read more

7 hours ago

New Reply in Musician > Bass

Rant: Toneprints not editable with BH250 - that's ...

I'm totally fine with my BH250, but the lack of editing toneprints drives me crazy.After looking at advertisement and in ...read more


New Topic in Recording > General

Studio Konnekt 48 driver or hardware issue?

Hi there,I'd like to ask TC electronics engineers team diagnose this issue and help me to save the unit. I'm a Mac ...read more


New Reply in Recording > Mixing

Can't update XR16 to firmware 1.17

I've downloaded the 1.17 firmware for the xr16 and when I try to update from Xedit the update runs but the xr16 does not ...read more


New Topic in Recording > Studio Rack Processors

What's new in the MDX 2600 Pro XL Version 2?

I just picked up a used MDX 2600 Pro XL and then noticed that Version 2 is out (or coming out). What are the differences ...read more


New Topic in Recording > Mixing

Minimize keystrokes to access graphic eq on auxes

When feedback ocurs, it would be nice if the M32 could have as good of a workflow as the humble XR18. Specifically, In t ...read more


New Reply in Performance > Live Sound


New owner here: I have an X live expansion unit and a SDHC (Category 10 card) which I plan to save the multitrack I ...read more