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AsierDG Newcomer - Level 2 4m ago

4m ago

Infinium tarda en arrancar?

Hoy he encendido mi trirec como siempre y tras quitar el standby el amplificador ha tardado unos 20 segundos en empezar a sonar, es esto normal? 

Giovargaj Contributor - Level 1 28m ago

28m ago

TonePrint and pickups

gear:spectracomp and musicman stingray 5 1998.I can beam the preset from toneprint app to the pedal only when my pickup switch is on the neck...if the selector is in the middle or on the bridge nothing happens.pickup pro...

bmunoz117 Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Is there a Warranty for the GOXLR?

Need to now if there is a warranty or RMA program avaliable for the GOXLR? I bought this GOXLR about 6 months ago and the headset port is going bad. If I don't angle the aux just right, my game audio sounds distorted. I ...

MaxKoepke Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Save snapshot to usb?

Hi,My out of warranty xr 12 shuts down after an hour.  Repair shop said $275 plus shipping to repair so I just got a new one.  I want to transfer a snapshot of the set up to my new unit via USB (or any method)....

Dfryer Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Speaker problem

One of my speakers (Eurolive VS1220) stopped working. Nothing is coming out. What could be the problem and can I fix it?

FrankJarod32 Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


XAIR w/JamKazam

I'm currently using a Behringer XR18 with XAIR and I'm looking to use it with JamKazam.I play bass.   I use distortion and other pedals....then I split my signal so I have 1 clean and 1 distorted channel to blend to...

decktheHolls Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


{help!} me loop my midi keyboard with my VoiceLive 3

Hiii.  Can someone please help direct me what to plug in where to make my Arturia MIDI keyboard work with my VoiceLive 3? I have a Scarlett 18i8 to use as an in-between but am not sure what to plug in where to be ab...

Tsvetan123 Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


TC Sentry Not Working

Hi, I just got my TC Sentry delivered and when I put a 9V battery inside it, it lit for a second and then it turned off. I looked all over their website and various forums but didn't find any similar questions. Am I doin...