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Rav Contributor - Level 2 9 hours ago

9 hours ago

Still waiting for Product Registration Confirmation

How lon does it take to receive an email confirmation that my equipment has been registered? Filled everything out a week ago, no response at all. Not good!

hellotribe Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


XR18 - how to add audio delay?

Hello.I am using my XR18 in livestreaming production. Does a great job actually. But we have added remote HDMI cameras that have delay of around 1 second. Remote mics don't have this delay so the image is not synced.Is i...

JeffB Contributor - Level 1 2020-01-01


Perform VK Windows driver.

Where has the Windows USB driver gone?I've just had a perform VK delivered and it's functionally crippled if I can't connect it to my computer as an audio interface.This was one of the main selling points to me.I get not...

JohnShepherd Contributor - Level 3 2020-02-02


Assign A/B/C in Compact

I have made assignments of all 8 A bank buttons. 2 Questions - 1) since there are not encoders in the assignment section, what encoders am I to use for assignments I make?2) I made the 1st 3 buttons go to A,B, and C...

Ralph_Valery Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


Wipe Clean X32 Console?

How do you  wipe clean X32 to factory or default settings?How do I delete all scenes?thank you  

William824 Contributor - Level 1 Thursday


X32 Edit Send of Fader Location

Using X32 Edit Version 4.1 for Windows. Where would I find the Send on Fader option? 

Silberer Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-03


Ditto Looper X2 wont' start

My brandnew Ditto X2 Looper won't start after I updated the firmware to version 1.3.02. Updater says the update is 100% but it doesn't restart after the update.

RossDavey Contributor - Level 2 2020-02-20


Wing Live SD Card (Confused...Help)

HelloI am recording multi tracks to my wing live SD card, works great and can re map it back to my channels to play back the audio too! So far so good.However I have a problem when I put the SD card into my laptop to imp...

Michael_Lapke Triber Moderator 2018-03-01


UPDATE: Firmware 1.1.2 Officially Released for DEEPMIND 12

Hello DEEPMIND 12 users,We're happy to announce that the latest firmware release v1.1.2 is now available for download on the BEHRINGER website. Contained in the update download file are release notes, firmware updater so...