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jkirgis Contributor - Level 1 4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Pletherax5 suggestions

Definitely a loopera toneprint for the reverb of the Hagia Sophia 

Tage-amundsen Contributor - Level 1 6 hours ago

6 hours ago

Connecting Voicelive rack as an insert instudio one 3

Hi!I am from Norway, and I just bought Voicelive rack for my studio. I am not technical at all when it comes to advanced connecting of new gear. How do i connct it to work as an insert into studio one 3? If you could giu...

dustinhass Contributor - Level 1 6 hours ago

6 hours ago

SpectraDrive mini switches

I just picked up the SpectraDrive pedal and I love it!  The main reason I picked it up is that I am running directly into a sound board and needed a good DI so I could actually have some control over my tone.  ...

BentleyCole Contributor - Level 1 7 hours ago

7 hours ago


Hey guys, so over the years ever since I was 15 I always wanted to learn how to DJ and eventually produce at some point. School got in the way and I got lost in other things at the time. Now that I think about what I wou...

SilasCole Contributor - Level 1 7 hours ago

7 hours ago

Online DJ lessons / Courses recommendation

Hey everyone, i have been getting the basics down for the past two months by just using YouTube tutorials etc, I know repetition will help a lot, but i was wondering if anyone can recommend a good moderately priced onlin...

Diegodiegogali Contributor - Level 3 11 hours ago

11 hours ago

voicelive touch 2

hi,i need to know if is possible to use aux input only for to pilote harmonization from mixer, i don't want that the signal on aux input go to output, maybe is it possible to close the siignal of aux in  in the outp...

jlwall Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


X32/Wing new Feature, SPL Widget

I understand Behringer is not just sitting around on their hands, obviously there SW team is in rage mode. I have a request that could make our FOH lives a little easier, wrt managing SPL in the house.I find it clumsy ha...

Mack Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


TC electronics Konnekt 48

Hi,,, are there still updated drivers for Konnekt 48 Interface to run with logic Pro X and macOS Mojave

ChrisF Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


Auto gain for guitar?

I know there's an auto-gain function for voice, shown here https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1160677/Tc-Helicon-Voicelive-3-Extreme.html?page=21. The page mentions one for guitar too, but when I follow the instructi...

timmyshenanigan Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


Laptop Not Recognizing Play Acoustic

Hello all. I searched but couldn't find an answer. I am going out from my play acousitc to my laptop. My laptop see's it as a device but not as a usable input source. I am running windows 10 Gracias