We caught up with Steph Macpherson in her cozy home in Victoria, BC Canada to find out why she loves her Perform-VG so much. Harmony, Body Rez, and the easy set-up are only a few of the many features she raves about. Check out the full performance of her song, Bad Fit.


Steph Macpherson Making music since she started making noise, Steph Macpherson's passion for music and love of lexicons allow her to invite you into a world of clever yet relatable imagery using her hauntingly beautiful vocals and a tone which is only her own. Some have described her as a splice of Stevie Nicks, Sarah Harmer and Jeff Tweedy rolled into one musical entity, with a touch of Dolly Parton-esque vibrato, and Feist-like charm.


WEBSITE: http://www.stephmacpherson.com/

LISTEN HERE: http://bit.ly/StephMacpherson

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/StephMacpherson


PERFORM-VG makes professional grade live vocal production easy and legendary. With only the most essential vocal and acoustic guitar effects, this unique vocal and guitar processor lets you sound fantastic – while letting you keep your mind on your performance. Portable, expressive and most importantly simple, PERFORM-VG will instantly satisfy your need for impeccable sound at the touch of a button.


Where to buy: http://bit.ly/SWPerformVG

Watch more here: http://bit.ly/VGManual