500 Presets for Voicelive Rack

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I want to get the 500 Presets working on the Voicelive Rack. Unfortunatelly most of the presets including the factory presets of the voicelive play are not working on Voicelive Rack.
Where can I download the working presets for voicelive Rack?

The page http://www.tc-helicon.com/500-presets/ ist down and the presets in voicesupport2 don`t work. But they should cause:

I found this original announcement from TC Helicon:

"Christmas Comes Early: 500 new & FREE presets for VoiceLive 2, Touch and Rack. One thing is for certain, the Holidays are going to be a whole lot more fun this year! As an early Christmas present to you, we’re giving away 500 new and FREE artists and genre presets for all users of VoiceLive 2, Touch and Rack.

In November we released the preset mega-pack “More Play” for VoiceLive Play and Play GTX. Since then we’ve been hard at work converting all those presets for the rest of the VoiceLive Series (VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive 2 Extreme, VoiceLive Rack, and VoiceLive Touch) and now it’s done, gift-wrapped and waiting for you to import from VoiceSupport. In fact, we’re adding the entire factory bank from VoiceLive Play too, making it a total of 751 presets ready for you (while ’751 presets’ is not as catchy as ’500 presets’ we hope you don’t mind the free addition…)!

Covering all styles and genres – from Gangnam Style to Whiter Shade of Pale – it should keep any singer happy well into 2013. Discover your sound via the songs you like, or go on a random walk of presets for inspiration.

How to get the update
Just connect your VoiceLive 2/Touch/Rack to your computer via the supplied USB cable and fire up the VoiceSupport app to start draggin’ and droppin’ the presets to your unit.

Since the preset pack is so large, we suggest selecting presets individually and moving them to your device. Cross-reference with the alphabetical preset list below to help you narrow down your favorites. For more information, visit http://www.tc-helicon.com/500-presets/."

Please help! I need the presets for inspiration and don`t want to sell my VLR and buy a VL Play ...

thank you so much in advance!
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Re: 500 Presets for Voicelive Rack

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Hi Chris! What do you mean by "the presets in VoiceSupport don't work?" Can you elaborate on this please? Is it due to the presets not being installed correctly on your Rack, the effects not working in the installed presets or something else?

All presets available for your unit will show up in VoiceSupport when you connect it. It automatically downloads the ones available for you, so you do not need to manually download them from the website.
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