A few questions about the GoXLR

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Hi folks,

The GoXLR looks pretty cool and claims to be for streamers and even markets to streamers with a two PC setup. I have a few questions about whether or not certain things are possible with the GoXLR.

When using a two PC stream setup, I think it's a big deal to be able to isolate the microphone on its own line out, and then the master mix on a different line out. I find this important so that you can mute your mic exclusively to OBS while still being able to use the mic on your gaming PC - this is needed quite often when streaming but needing to discuss something privately over discord or something (server passwords, phone calls, whatever). Most "higher end" entry level mixers can do this through mix minus configurations, or some even have two mixes like several ZED mixer products. Basically, both OBS and gaming PC should be able to receive a single line with just the Mic audio on it, and then OBS would also receive the second mix line.

Is GoXLR capable of this? It doesn't look like it's possible with GoXLR, but I wanted to ask to be positive.

Next question whether or not GoXLR audio processing will freeze if the USB source PC freezes? I see that the mixer's processing is off-loaded to the PC it's connected to. Does this mean that if that PC crashes or freezes then the audio processing will also freeze? So if while streaming, a game freezes and locks up PC or PC reboots, audio to stream will be dead for that time?

I've already pre-ordered, but was curious about these questions! Thanks!
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Re: A few questions about the GoXLR

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Hi Ryan,

I'm the one of the App Developers for the GoXLR App. I'm going to answer your last question first because it also kind of informs the first question. All the processing other than the playing of samples are done on the physical device it self, This allows for an incredibly low processor load. The app is merely an controller for the device to allow you to make changes to the device, like the color, whats routed where, etc. So if the PC that the GoXLR is connected to freezes, audio would continue to run fine, you would still be able to adjust audio levels and talk to stream. You would lose any audio coming from that computer and you wouldn't be able to fire samples or change the active effect on your voice, ie if you had no effect on you wouldn't be able to add reverb in that moment or if you had reverb on you would not be able to turn it off until the computer came back but the.

To answer the second question depends on where your GoXLR is connected. We recommend that it be connected via USB to the Gaming PC and then using the line out on the device and sending it to your Streaming PC, This is because the GoXLR presents itself as multiple audio record sources, Stream (which is mirrored on the Line Out), Voice Chat, and Headphones, on the computer its connected to. The Voice Chat line is intended for sending you mic (and anything you like) to Voice Chat whether that's your Game or Discord. This paired with that the mute buttons functionality can be tweaked on the device to either mute the source (in this case your microphone) to all your record sources. or to each individually. For your case You would set up the Mic mute button to be in the stream only function so when you mute it, it mutes just to your stream and not to your voice chat.

These links are to our youtube How To Series which will provide specific information on Two PC Setups and Mute Modes in better detail than i went into.
Two PC Setup: https://youtu.be/E0_iguJgzZ8
Mute Modes: https://youtu.be/Zyh7Kpkmjaw

Our Youtube has more videos in our How To Series which I recommend watching as they are filled with a sorts of tips and info

I hope this provided the answers you were looking for.
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