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Cannot set SLOW echo tempo with Mic Mechanic

Contributor - Level 2
I have no trouble setting the tempo for Mic Mechanic's echo/delay function until I try to go to a lower tempo (halftime, for example)... At that point the pedal thinks I'm just switching it on and off, rather then tapping a tempo.

Any suggestions?

Re: Cannot set SLOW echo tempo with Mic Mechanic

Triber Moderator
Hey Damien,
If you're using a Mic Mechanic 2 pedal, we've addressed this issue in an update you can acquire via VoiceSupport. If you're using the original 12V Mic Mechanic however, this isn't possible unfortunately.
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.
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