Connect Harmony G-XT to FX150 (Monitor) to External Acoustic Amp with best Settings

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I have a couple of questions I need some help with. (I am a beginner !!!) I have looked at Craig's Corner Videos (Which Is very helpful/good btw thanks Craig!) But I haven't found an answer yet
1. Best way for connections and Settings between my Harmony G-XT and the FX150 when using the FX150 as a PA with a Mic and Acoustic guitar

  • Harmony G-XT has its own settings for volume/ Mic and Guitar mix
  • Harmony G-XT has its own FX for Reverb
  • Harmony G-XT has "tone" option similar to "Vocal Tone" button on the FX150. Which one to use?
  • which outputs from the Harmony G-XT goes where as I want to separate my guitar and Mic signals into the FX150 if possible.
  • FX150 has its own Reverb Effects and levels
  • FX150 also has EQ to set? Which ones to set and which ones to leave alone

2. Now I want to add my Roland AC60 Acoustic amp in the mix!
So my mic and guitar goes into the Harmony G-XT.
which connects to the FX150 (Now used as monitor)
and then out to the Acoustic Amp.

Now the Acoustic amp sounds really fantastic with my guitar (Hence I was hoping to separate the mic and guitar signals ) has various inputs but also the Mic and Guitar inputs on the AMP comes with a complete set of Chorus/reverb and EQ as well.

Which leaves me very confused.com!! Would really appreciate anyone's help with this!
Is this all possible?

Thanks so much in advance for this!