Connecting Beatbuddy through Midi

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Hello, I have tried following all the online tutorials to sync my beatbuddy with Voicelive 3 extreme through MIDI, so that it may read the tempo, and there would be no delay when looping.

However, I am not able to do that. after I follow all the instructions, they say that a midi light on the screen will flash, but it never does, and the looper is not synced.

Any advice?

Connecting Beatbuddy through Midi

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I have my Beatbuddy connected to the VL3X with a Yamaha MD-BT01 which allows the Beatbuddy to sync nicely with VL3X for looping . I control the Beatbuddy start and stop/pause using Onsong via my ipad. I control Onsong ( and the Beatbuddy ) with a Bluetooth midi pedal the Airturn 6. The one frustrating part of this whole set up is that TC Helicon either overlooked or decided that providing midi cc looping controls ( ie: start, stop, erase etc. ) were too costly to put the time in to provide these features for looping control . If the VL3X had these features it would be an absolutely best one pedal answer for vocal , guitar and looping as well as backing tracks for us solo looping artists. Subsequently I have had to create an awkward work around to be able to at least stop a loop and the Beatbuddy at the same time like at the end of a song. If the VL3X had the appropriate midi cc control for the looping functions ( Start , Stop, Erase etc ) could one imagine the looping performances utilizing the Beatbuddy in perfect sync with the looping ...not just tempo sync but performance sync as well. TC Helicon knows of this and could probably fix this if they wanted to support the VL3X into the future but unfortunately they will not and don't hold your breath for a VL4 as I have read that this is probably not going to happen as well. Anyway, the VL3x is a very good piece of gear but would have been almost perfect for me with a few extra midi control features.

Re: Connecting Beatbuddy through Midi

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Hello.   I have the same setup as you, but can't figure out how to send an "outro" command (cc 115) to my beatbuddy using the airturn pedal.   Have you figured out how to send commands to the beatbuddy via airturn?

Thank you