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Connecting Perform VG to Fishman SoloAmp?

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Hi. I am new to live gigs and just bought a TC Helicon Perform VG to use with my Fishman SA220 PA system. Question is.....how do I connect it to my Fishman? The Perform VG has one XLR Out and a 1/4" Out, which is a pass thru for the guitar. So I am guessing I want to use the one XLR out and plug that into my Fishman. But do I plug it into one of the main channels in the front or do I use the "Monitor In" XLR input on the back? I don't think the Perform VG is considered a "preamp" so would it need to go into the front main channel of my Fishman? Or....do I use the "Effects Loop Send" and "Return" 1/4" connections on the back of the Fishman?
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Re: Connecting Perform VG to Fishman SoloAmp?

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Hey Jack,

If I were you, I would plug the mic and guitar into the Perform-VG, then take the XLR output from the VG and send it to the Chanel 1 input on your SA220.  This will then give you the 3-band EQ on the SA220 to further tune your sound to the PA.  I would also recommend turning off the SA220's reverb and only using the VG's reverb, but I'm a little biased Smiley Tongue

Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.
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