Daisy chain play acoustic and play electric

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Hi, thoughts on this one....
Would like to think I can take the mic line out from the play acoustic into the play electric mic input then into a mixer or powered speaker.
Are there any issues that could compromise either unit.
Would I have to change any voice parameters on the second unit so all the vocal effects come from the first unit....eg gain, reverbs etc.
I want the voice effects to come from just the first pedal and basically use the second as a through unit.
Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Daisy chain play acoustic and play electric

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Hi Don,
Not sure what your purpose is. I have used my Play Acoustic together with the FX150 speaker that TC makes. It also has voice tone and reverb. I use only the effects from the Play Acoustic and turn off the voicetone on the FX150.

The hardest part would be getting the gain setting correct. You will have mutilple stages to be concerned with.
1- input mic gain on the Play Acoustic
2- output on the vocal of the Play Acoustic
3 - input gain on the Play Electric
4 - output on the Play Electric
5 - mic/channel gain on the mixer
6 - channel volume on the mixer channel
7 - Main output to speaker
8 - input on the speaker (if it is powered)

Lots to control there.

Re: Daisy chain play acoustic and play electric

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Hey Don,
What is it you're trying to accomplish by doing this? Are you finding that the PlayAcoustic doesn't have enough i/o for you so you're using the PlayElectric as a DI? I guess it is technically possible... Just be sure if you're using Tone, to have it on in the first pedal and off in the second pedal.
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Re: Daisy chain play acoustic and play electric

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Thanks Spencer for your reply.
I have a Play Acoustic and Play Electric and want to change from acoustic to electric guitar quickly in a set. The acoustic guitar sounds so much better in that designated unit.
Rather than reach down and change the mic over in both units, I thought it would be easier to run the mic signal into the other as both guitars are plugged onto their respective units.
Hopefully this would enable me to retain the voice settings on the first unit and use the second as a mic thru to the PA.
Of course I should have bought the Live series but didn't.
Any suggestions on the settings if you think its ok would be appreciated.

Cheers from Down under.