Ditto Mic Looper

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I have a condenser mic to Ditto Mic Looper, Looper to mixer, mixer to active speaker. The input signal from looper is very low and the channel vol is up full which gives a hum and distortion from the speaker. Any ideas please. I play acoustic instruments into the condenser.

Re: Ditto Mic Looper

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Hey Michael,
The Ditto Mic Looper pedal puts out 32V phantom power (found here), as opposed to the typical 48V phantom power found in most other devices. Many condenser microphones don't need the full 48 volts to get a decent output level but it's sounding like yours might - what is your microphone? Also, please make sure you're using the 12V supply that came with the pedal and not a 9V guitar pedal supply.
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