FX150 Vibration noise

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Hi Guys

Got my FX150 this week and am very excited to start experimenting with it! Smiley Tongue
First thing I noticed though is when I use the mic or play guitar (acoustic) there is a funny noise coming from the Unit. Sounds like vibration of some sort.

This is very annoying. The Levels of the input is not the issue here, when the noise is heard I put my hand on the front grille of the speaker and the noise stops. So I thought its just the grill screws that need tightening. But this doesn't appear to be the case.

I think it my actually be the TC-Helicon badge on the grill that is moving/vibrating
Has anyone else experience this?

I don't want to remove the grill to check the back of the "badge" as I don't want to void any warrantees..

Any pointers here?

Thanks in advance

Re: FX150 Vibration noise

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Hey Christo,
I agree with you that it's probably the little "TC Helicon" badge on the speaker grill. They're just press-fit into the metal, and I've seen them just fall right off before. I don't want to tell you to rip it off because that might mess with your warranty, maybe contact our support team and check with them first, but that's probably what's making the noise.

Here's an exploded picture showing how the badge is connected.
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Re: FX150 Vibration noise

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If the unit has been dropped - the speaker will separate since it is only made of high density plastic of some sort.

If this isn't a warranty problem, find the proper bits for your screwdriver, take the grill plate off, then remove the speaker (driver).  Check to see that the speaker isn't broken.  I have had this happen twice - once under warranty, the last one was on me.  I found that If I glued the parts back together with JB Weld (tough stuff)  clamp together for the required time and , I was lucky.

I love this little amp for my guitar and voice at small venues.