FX150 and Play Acoustic

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I connected the Play Acoustic headphone to the FX150 Aux and set the Play acoustic in Mono Mode. With full volume on the guitar, In order to keep the green led flashing I had to increase the guitar level to 18 db in the Input setup settings. In the mix menu I left the guitar level at -3 db.
On the Play Acoustic I worked out the wished tone setting the Bodyrez amount, Low gain and High gain.
Now, how to setup the input level of the Aux section on the FX150 (there` s no red clipping light here).
Second, how to set High, Mid and Low on the Aux section of the FX150.
If I set the level in the perfect middle (central blue led) do I have a real flat response.
Once I found the best settings, better to go to the mixer from the Play Acoustic via DI or from the OUT plug of the FX150?
In the first case, of I cannot use Mono mode anymore in the Play Acoustic but of course I have to change into Voice/Guitar (DI) or Stereo mode. What to do?

I have some more questions but for the moment those two are enough.
Thanks for helping.

Re: FX150 and Play Acoustic

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The best way is to use the Headphone out of the play Acoustic to the Aux if of FX150 and then use the XLR outs of the Play Acoustic to the Front of house. Go to the Settings --> Output area of PLay Acoustic and set it to Dual MONO, this way your mono voice with effects goes out one XLR and your Guitar with effect goes on the other XLR. The sound man then has control. When the EQ is in the perfect middle it is flat response.
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