Favourite Presets?

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So I've ordered my VL3X this afternoon Smiley Happy
I have to wait a couple of weeks for it unfortunately as it's out of stock everywhere, but that gives me plenty of time to study the manual in preparation!

I was wondering if anyone had a shortlist of their favourite presets - ones which are usable out of the box? Nothing necessarily crazy, but stuff you would feel happy enough gigging with - maybe some nice preset delay/reverb/doubling.

I'm going spend time with every preset once I get the unit, but it'd be nice to have some ideas of what people find usable. Generally with multi-effects I find that the presets are not all that useful for me (I'm in an 80s stadium rock cover band), so I end up creating my own.

Also - Is there a place we can share our own patches?
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There so many ways to look at this .
They are so plentiful that it's a wonder
just how to attack all of the possibilities
there ate to choose .

After a while you will see what works for
you .

It's like taking a journey - the time getting [ there ]
should be half the fun too .

The videos on YouTube are a good source to review for an idea

EZ :


Re: Favourite Presets?

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I would set the guitar and mic up, then quickly go through each preset. Strum a bit and sing a few la-la la's. Turn the doubling and the harmony pedals on and off for each preset and make a yes/no choice. If yes,make the preset a favorite (press the scroll wheel) and move on to the next.
It will take a while but you'll be left with list of useable patches to tweak to taste.

Re: Favourite Presets?

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Thanks guys, this is what I intended to do anyway Smiley Happy

I just wondered whether anyone cared to share some of their favourite presets, and whether there was an online resource for sharing user created patches.

Re: Favourite Presets?

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When you download the "Voice Support2" Software, There are some presets on there that you can download.