Feedback on ‘Talk’ function play acoustic

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Hi, strange one this, in a full band context play acoustic works fine, until I hit and hold to talk to the audience it feedbacks horribly, has anyone experienced this? What could be the issue?
I found the unit unworkable with the advisable ‘gain setting’ ala Craig’s Corner, so I followed the advice of a forum member to set gain in a different fashion and that eliminated the massive feedback issues during performance except for the ‘ talk function’ which I find strange and very annoying.
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Re: Feedback on ‘Talk’ function play acoustic

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Hey Steve,
Talk mode has a small gain boost (~+3dB) when engaged, the reasoning being that your speaking voice is typically quieter than your singing voice, so this must the issue you're encountering. I guess your performance setup must be really close to that feedback point! The only real solution would be to give yourself more headroom when setting up, as in set up the device while in Talk mode so as to avoid feedback when it's engaged. Cheers!
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