Harmony/FX control

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Just purchased the TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT Vocal Effects Processor, the harmony knob doesn't seem to lower or raise the harmony vocals. If I turn it all the way left, it turns the harmony off, but slightly right to all the way open is the same volume. The same result as turn dlfx knob. Am I doing something wrong or faulty unit? Thanks
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Re: Harmony/FX control

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Hey Bret,
It sounds like you need to calibrate the knobs... This article outlines the calibration process. Sorry for the hassle but this should solve your issue.
Expected behavior of the harmony knob would be that fully counterclockwise is 100% your lead voice, the notch in the middle is about 50/50 dry/wet, and fully clockwise is 100% harmony voice(s) without your lead.
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