Importing back tracks not in wav or MP3 format

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I am considering purchasing the voicelive3 extreme for live performance, but I have one very specific need. I use backing tracks that are not wav or MP3 format so I can't directly import them, right? Now I have to play them on an app through my iPhone them through a cable to my sound board. I want to be able to make back track sets that I can store on the voicelive3 extreme. Is that possible by plugging my iPhone into the auxiliary port? Thanks.
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Re: Importing back tracks not in wav or MP3 format

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Hey David,
You are correct that the VoiceLive 3 can only work with WAV and MP3 files (16-bit 48kHz). If you're using some other format (presumably AIFF), just convert your tracks, it's easy! There's even free software like Audacity where you can import your weirdo format, and export it as a WAV file. But hey, if you'd rather plug your iPhone's output into the VL3's Auxiliary input you can do that too Smiley Tongue
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