Issues with Ditto Mic Looper's Mic Control and MP-76 Microphone

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I just purchased the MP-76 mic and am trying to set up mic control. The mic itself sounds really great, but mic control does not seem to work.

When it is connected to the Ditto, the built in LCD display of the MP-76 is blank and its backlight flickers and none of the buttons respond. This happens in all modes of the Ditto unit.

When in Mic Control mode, (I am able to enter the Mic Control mode) the Ditto flashes a persistent green light and none of the buttons work on either the mic or the Ditto unit itself. I have to disable the Mic control mode to regain functionality of the Ditto.

My Research: I noticed that MP-76's compatibility page specifies that units with +24v phantom power do not support mic control, but I also noticed that the Ditto outputs 32v phantom power, is all this correct?

Is the Ditto Mic Looper incompatible with the MP-76?

I know this is probably not gospel, but this article mentions that the Ditto is compatible with both MP-75 and MP-76.

Any thoughts?

Re: Issues with Ditto Mic Looper's Mic Control and MP-76 Microphone

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Hey Victor,
Unfortunately the MP-76 is not compatible with the Ditto Mic Looper, as the MP-76 needs a full 48V of phantom power. I can confirm that the MP-75 and MCA100 both work with the Ditto Mic Looper.
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