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Loop volume VoiceLive Touch 2

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I'm trying to adjust the loop volume after recording a loop. The end goal is to be able to gradually mute and unmute a looped track.

I see the "mute" function, but it only switches the volume from current to 0 instantly while I need to do it gradually with control. I've tried doing so with a slider, but couldn't figure it out.

Is what I'm trying to do possible with VoiceLive Touch2? If so, what do I need to do? If not, is it possible with some other tool I can add to my setup?

Thank you!

Re: Loop volume VoiceLive Touch 2

Contributor - Level 2

Hey! so there is a workaround to doing this but it's a little backwards, and will work only on all the loop tracks at once (so if you wanna mute just one track you'll have to settle for the mute option really.) what you wanna do is, while your loop is running, press MIX, select LOOPS on the first screen and then use the slider to change the volume. If you do a quick "flick" style swipe, it will automatically and gradually change the volume up or down, or if you prefer you can do a normal slide to control the speed but it will be more "bumpy" if you get me.


Anyway if you just wanna fade all loop tracks in or out while playing, thats your best bet Smiley Happy

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