MP 75 Switch

Contributor - Level 2
Just interested in any information on the type of switch used on this mic....and whether it is easily cleaned/serviceable.

We use an MP-75 with a Harmony-G XT and started getting the occasional sticky switch on the microphone. Although, resident in Sthn New Zealand, we were fortunate enough to purchase a spare MP-75 at a clearance....so swap between the two to prolong life. However, it would be nice to know of any options to prevent the issue.

I've resisted trying electrical contact spray (in fact the switch appears to be enclosed in a rubber enclosure) or trying to dismantle the microphone....Certain disaster there for sure

I've been unable to find any diagram relating to the microphone....the accompanying user manual offers no clues.....and the local NZ distributor has not replied to my, admittedly single, email inquiry.

It is such a good accessory to the TC-Helicon range of units that I'd imagine these microphones are used extensively....and probably more intensively than we use ours, so the issue may not be ours alone.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.