Mic Mechanic 2 - Manual delay time for next update?

Contributor - Level 1

I am very happy with the sound of that vocal pedal and I know that the delay time in Mic Mechanic 2 is only possible through the tap switch but I was thinking in another way for do it manually in the next update.

--When tap tempo is on (pushing the tap switch for two seconds) then the correction knob works like a manual delay time control.--

What do you think?
With this way I think the pedal will be more usable, precise and complete. I think the manual delay time adjust is very important because it has a time hole between the most fast delay time in Tape and Digi mode and Slap mode.

In the same way,right now there is a bug in the firmware that makes impossible to go back to the original fast slap delay time in the Slap mode after using tap tempo.The only way I found is restoring the original presets through usb.I think that needs a fix.

Thank you!