Mic Mechanic & Harmony Singer Firmware Update Released

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We've released an update to Mic Mechanic and Harmony Singer.

New Features:

Improved the Gate functionality within Tone to help avoid open-mic Feedback
Added "Less Bright" Tone style option

To get the update, download VoiceSupport thenpower up and connect your device via USB to your computer.

Launch VoiceSupport and click on the Firmware Tab when it becomes available. Choose the top most firmware version and follow the on-screen instructions.

See video for instructions on changing Tone Style

Cheers, Craig Customer Solutions Leader - Broadcast & Streaming
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Duplicator not connecting to PC

Contributor - Level 2
Duplicator will not connect to PC (using windows 10) VoicePlay. Followed troubleshooting guide, still won't connect. Any help would be appreciated.
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