Natural play and imported tracks

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Hi... In the user manual imported tracks are not mentionned as working as a natural play guide.

Can you confirm imported tracks have no impact on natural play... (too bad for a lone singer)

Thank you in advance.


[Edit] I think i've found the answer there : [/Edit]
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Re: Natural play and imported tracks

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Hey Laurent,
Yep that thread you linked to is correct, this is possible! Once you've set up your backing track in the preset, navigate to the Harmony effect's editing page and set the "NaturalPlay Source" to "Track/USB" and that will have your harmonies following the backing track's chords. Cheers!
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No BT option

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I have a brand new VL3X and I have updated the firmware to the latest version but I do NOT see "Track/USB" as an option for the NatPlay Src.

Help if you can...
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