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Just got my new SingThing, first two glaring concerns;
1. Must I set the mic gain every single time I turn the Singthing on? Doesn't say this in the manual but it seems I have to.
2. When setting mic gain what level should the volume be set prior to mic gain setting? Manual doesn't say.
3. Mic setting goes hand in hand with the looper volume
so which should be set 1st.
4. Having a very hard time with the guitar looper volume compared to every thing else. seems like it s 20db below everything. looper volume is already at max in setup but to get a decent output you have to set master volume to 50% which in turn raises Mic volume?
(Further testing showed vocal input looper was fine, volume in was near exact to looper volume out, Aux in volume mp3 player vs looper out was several decibels below just by ear and then guitar looper was the worst requires turning guitar vol up, master volume up make loop readjust master for voice and readjust guitar. All were tested in using the various looper inputs with similar results

Concerns, hopefully someone has answers.


Re: New Singthing

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Bump, 4 weeks no replies?

Re: New Singthing

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Hey Steven,
Firstly, please make sure you're using the latest firmware (which is build 23). If not, you can update via our VoiceSupport application. Assuming you are on the latest firmware, lemme see if I can help you...

1. Nope, it remembers your previous input gain setting across power cycles.
2. Are you asking about the output volume? If so, that doesn't matter, you can even have the lower output knob all the way down to off if you like. Setting input gain is independent of any output levels.
3. Always set your input gain first (although like I stated in 1, you should only have to do this once).
4. Do you have your looper's routing set up correctly? It sounds like you may not be routing the guitar into the looper, and you're just looping whatever guitar signal your microphone is picking up. In the "Setup" menu, there's a "Loop Input" parameter that you probably want to have set to "Vocal + Guitar", or even to "All" if you're using an auxiliary input as well.
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