Newbie: VoiceLive Rack simple pitch-shift and voice characterization?

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Hi All,

So I basically just unpacked the VL-Rack unit, but hope someone can get me kickstarted here.

I previously used a Voice Pro to create multiple "character" voices for spoken voice work. The Voice Pro made it easy. I need to do something very similar again, and am hoping I can do that with the VL Rack.

First off can I do a simply pitch shift ip and down - may be as much as two octaves, and then apply a characterization, perhaps with eq and some of the distortion effects? What else would work for this sort of thing?

Any and all help most appreciated!
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Newbie: VoiceLive Rack simple pitch-shift and voice characterization

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There is harmony within the product . So shifting 3rd, 5th, octave is doable within that.

There is the doubling to add to single voice.

Then there is Gender styles within harmony to alter vox m . f .

Then within (let me remember !!) within xFx or Umod you wan alter voices. Theres a Tinkerbell, Alvin, Popeye, Olive, Cylon .. etc

So there is scope . HOWEVER, it is a learning curve. Harmony is quite easy to use, gender within harmony is quite easy to use.

there's an ENTIRE vid section (by Tom Lang) on harmony here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVzXAE-R2hM

Vl2 and Rack interface is similar and hope this'll help.