Perform V loud noises and won't save echo "TAP" setting

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Hi! I am Stevie Ray, guitarist/singer and I do around 70 gigs a year, a mixture of solo gigs and band gigs with my 3 piece 60s & R'nR band.

I have been using the Perform V for quite a while and, make no mistake, I love it! It has tranformed my very ordinary singing voice into something on which I continually get nice compliments. I use the full works, Pitch Correction, Double Track, Reverb and Echo. It gets used in my solo act, where I plug my iPad into the Aux for my backing tracks, and also in the band.

The firmware is Build 84 and the serial number is 19336933. Lately, I have been experiencing the loud half a second random boom problem that has been mentioned elsewhere, despite having the latest Build 84 firmware. I have always wondered what had been causing this, but after reading this forum I now know it is the Perform V causing it. When this happened a couple of nights ago, I turned off the 'Anti Feedback' and it didn't happen again that night, but as these are random events, I can't be sure that this was the cure. Also, the 'Tap' setting on the echo is not saved and I have to reset it after every power up.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Perform V loud noises and won't save echo "TAP" setting

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Hmmm.... 4 weeks and no responses.

Last night it did something else weird. It had been working well for about 2 hours when it suddenly started distorting the vocal sound quite badly. Unplugging the power supply and reconnecting cured it.

Is anybody there?????