Perform VG - Anti-feedback activating with no sound playing

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Hi - I've had an issue with my perform VG where the anti-feedback appears to be activating under curious circumstances.

1. If I'm playing and singing with no audible output from the unit other than headphones? Could the bleed from headphones be enough to activate it?

2. If I'm playing with the unit main output going to a USB interface for recording. This time headphones are connected to the USB interface rather than the unit and the same thing happens from time to time.

3. With either of the above setups or even playing live when I'm playing nothing, no mic input or guitar playing. Has happened with talk/mute on and off.

Is it just super sensitive and functioning correctly or is something awry with the unit?

(Updated the firmware a few weeks ago with no change)

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Re: Perform VG - Anti-feedback activating with no sound playing

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Hey Marty,
This seem weird to me... Can you please share some info about your setup? What kind of headphones are you using? What is your guitar? What kind of microphone do you have? Thanks, hopefully we can figure out what's going on!
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.