Perform VG Echo & Switch 6

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I watched the YouTube video manual and saw the one where it explains how different harmony styles can be saved to separate Switch 6 buttons. This is a great design feature, and I can see where the harmony would be the best use of it. If possible though, I'd love to see the same feature accessible to the Echo buttons. Obviously, delay/echo isn't a one-size-fits-all effect (as you've included 3 for each Echo button), and the option to have two or more distinct echo settings readily available via foot switch could be as useful as it is for harmony. Any chance this could be added in an update?
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Re: Perform VG Echo & Switch 6

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Hey Larz,
As you probably already know, this isn't currently possible in Perform-VG. I have however logged it as a feature request, so our developers are now aware - cheers!
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