Perform VG - guitar channel affecting mic level LED

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Hey there I've noticed that the guitar channel is interacting with the microphone peak LED - should this be the case? This is the same whether I'm playing through a PA with monitors or with zero audible output: ie. XLR out to USB interface or just playing through headphones on the unit itself.
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Re: Perform VG - guitar channel affecting mic level LED

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Hey Marty,
Yep this is normal. I apologize for the poor documentation in the manual, but basically the "Set" LED displays the loudest of the two signals (voice & guitar) at any given time.
The two inputs’ clipping checks are independent, meaning if neither input clips on its own, their “sum” will not clip (show red) either.
The guitar’s “Mix” level is subtractive. Full green ring is at unity, which will likely be louder than the vocal signal because of a microphone’s typical output level compared to a guitar's typical output level.
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