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Perform VK Newbie

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Hello everyone, first of all, please excuse my novice questions. We all know, and even TCH would probably admit, that the users manual leaves a lot to be desired. Although I've read it cover to cover, I still remain perplexed over any number of issues, questions, and problems.

a) I spent the afternoon exploring the onboard effects, and saving my favorites to the three presets. I was hooked up via TRS. I then switched to MIDI, and some of my saved presets were not the same. What gives? May I assume once presets are saved, the will remain after powering down, in spite of TRS or MIDI hook-up?

b) I understand that VK recognizes MIDI before TRS. Is it advisable to have them both connected simultaneously, in case MIDI suddenly stops transmitting data, or is this even an option? For that matter, VK sometimes "hears" my chord via MIDI, but when I change, the harmonies remain with the original chord. Am I screwing up, and/or what don't I see?

c) I saw a Tom Lang video where he utilized "notes mode", which I think isn't even mentioned in the manual. VERY COOL, as now I can voice many more notes (I think up to eight), throw in the standard pop and jazz sus4, dim.7, Maj.7, etc. It worked once for me, and I wanted to save it in a preset, but I lost it, and can't seem to retrieve ... HELP!

d) That "notes mode" was identified by all green lights around the dial except for 12 o'clock. There are a bunch of other settings with different spaces between green lights, mixed green-blue-red-white lights, etc. I can't seem to figure out what sounds or patches they represent.

I haven't even dipped my toe into the beaming pond, it's overwhelming as it is where I am currently. So, any guidance, help, and advice from you all out there would be very welcome. I'm premiering the box at a gig in two weekends, and I want my audience blown away!

Thanks ... Al
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Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Hi Al! Thought I'd pop in and see if I can help with some of these questions.

A) The obvious thing is of course to make sure that your presets were saved (by pressing and holding the preset button), but also that your keyboard wasn't sending any MIDI CC data to the VK as that can change the settings of your presets. See the "MIDI Implementation" chart in your manual.

B) You should be fine using MIDI only, but it will "hear" both when one isn't playing.

C) Notes mode - To access the different harmony styles, hold the harmony button down then spin the data wheel clockwise until you see the different styles.

D) I made you a handy chart with all the harmony styles on the VK! And here's one for the other effects.

Hope that helps!
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VK Newbie

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Hey Cecilie, thanks very much for your imput! One last question ...

I never go to a gig without spare parts (cords, cables, power supplies, etc.) I went to the catalog to check out a spare power supply, and TCH directs me to Sweetwater Music. However, the 12V 1000 mA power supply sells for $25, which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

I don't want to void my warranty, so can I use a generic 12V 1000 mA DC power converter that sells anywhere for $5-$8, and for that matter, could I use the same back-up 12V 1000mA for two other pedals I own, the TCH Create and TCH H-1 harmonizer?

Thanks again!

Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Hi Al,

The Powerplug12 you own for your other Helicon-units should do just fine. If you go looking for a generic (of course we recommend sticking to our own brand) make sure it's 12V DC, 1A and has a negative centre polarity to avoid it causing any faults in your unit.
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Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Hi guys, sorry but I'm a bit confused:
I'd like to buy the Perform-VK but I want to be sure that it does what I'm searching for, that is simply cloning my voice following exactly the notes I'm playing on a keyboard.
I DON'T want Perform-VK harmonizes by itself (automatically). I want to press 4 or 5 notes simultaneously on the keyboard (even randomly) and hear my voice cloned exactly on those pitches.
How can I load this mode on Perform-VK?
By pressing the "Harmony" button and then turning the dial until the lights are all green?

Please, give me a clear answer.

P.S. In the mode I described above, how many voices can I do? Really 8? (Because on the manual there's written just 2 voices...)

Again, thanks for your help.

Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Hi Adriano, that is indeed what you get if you hold the harmony button and scroll until you have 8 green LEDs showing. If you'd like to only hear the MIDI voices - aka whatever you press on the keyboard - and not your own voice in the mix, just dial the harmony volume up to 100 %.

And yes, it is up to 8 harmony voices!! the "2" refers to naturalplay voices, as in when the unit adds voices just based on the chords you play and the voicings you've chosen. Midi notes style is up to 8 harmony voices.
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Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Thank you SO MUCH Cecilie!!! You are the FIRST and ONLY person with a clear answer!

P.S. Power adapter is included in the box, right?

Re: Perform VK Newbie

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Hi Adriano, you're welcome! Happy to help! Power is indeed included in the box yes (and you can buy spares/replacements from most dealers/service centres, just ask for a PowerPlug 12.)

Here's an overview of the different harmony styles and types available on the VK, and here's a brief idea of what MIDI notes mode is Smiley Happy
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Re: Perform VK Newbie

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You're fantastic! Thanks a lot!

It's VERY odd that the Perform-VK official manual completely lacks the info about MIDI Notes mode. And more than this, in TC-Helicon comparison webpage (where you can compare - for example - Perform-VK vs Volicelive3 vs Touch2) the MIDI Notes mode function is specified for all the other machines BUT Perform-VK!!! Even the keyboard is NOT specified as Harmony control device... Really I can't understand why.
I wrote to TC-Helicon official support, but they didn't help me at all: they simply said to look at the comparison page...

So, you saved my day Smiley Happy Thanks again.

Re: Perform VK Newbie

Contributor - Level 3
Hey again Adriano, thanks for the kind words! happy to still help where/when I can (I used to be the support-girl but am no longer unfortunately!)

I can't say why MIDI-notes mode isn't mentioned in the manual, though I suspect it is because it's a feature that has been in all MIDI-capable units for a while now. Usually it's only been up to 4 voices though, so VK took the lead with 8 voices!
As for the comparison site, it's something I've made them aware of, but I suspect they've been too busy to correct yet. have a rummage in the Knowledge Base, I did a few FAQs on the VK before leaving that might help you a little Smiley Happy
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