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Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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Feb 2019

After suffering through repeated failures of my Play Electric unit in live performances, we switched to my Play Acoustic, with firmware 1.3.00 Build 48, loaded in via Voice Support 2 1.1.00 Build 136.

Somewhere along the way, the unit's presets adjust vocal sounds, but the guitar sounds on each of the 100+ presets is identical, regardless of which one I use.

I see there is a thread on this issue that suggests the issue is the firmware, and ensuring it is the latest version.

As far as I can tell, I have the latest versions loaded.

If there is a soluion to this problem, please pass it along.

Thank you

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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I think it's under setup. You need to turn off global guitar setting. From there, every preset can be different for the vocal.and guitar.

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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Thank you.

I'll give it a try.

I'm curious as to when / how this setting changed. Firmware update?

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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I turned the Global Guitar FX on page 6 of the system tabs to off.

The problem is not resolved.

All the guitar effects are identical. Every single one.

It sort of defeats the purpose of the unit.

I notice someone else has reported the issue so its a known problem.

Are there any solutions out there, or do I complete these Caribbean shows and return the unit when I'm back in the US in a few weeks?

Fortunately, the T5Z has enough settings to do the job in a crunch.

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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My contact at Tom Lee Music says the unit is discontinued.

Is this simply a matter of TC Helicon no longer bothering to support their products once discontinued?

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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I just checked and you have the same firmware I have. Have you tried contacting support? I don't think this forum is monitored very well.

After you made the change to "global effects off" did you try to change a guitar effect and save it?

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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After changing the global guitar effects to off, I reloaded a number of effects from the 500 available on the cloud via TC Helicon’s latest proprietary software.

All guitar effects were identical. Unless my entire show features versions of “Crimson and Clover”, the unit is a brick to me.

I’m still awaiting support from TC Helicon. I don’t recall any gear supplier I’ve dealt with over the past decade with such a weak commitment to tech support. It’s been abysmal

Caveat emptor.

Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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Have you tried editing an existing guitar effect and seeing if the the changed settings are saved? To be able to edit an effect to what you want may be a better way to go rather than rely on what someone else 'thinks' the guitar effect should be for a particular vocal effect. Presets for effects can be helpful, but mostly just serve as a starting point to get to where you want to be.
I don't have the Play Acoustic, but have the Play GTX which does have different effects for each vocal effect. Most of the guitar effects for me do not fit for the vocal effect they are with and I've mostly ended up editing them or sometimes just used an external effects unit. For the vocal effects you may use for your show, do some tweaking of the guitar effects to your liking and I think you'll be happy.


Re: Play Acoustic Guitar Sounds

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I had about a dozen presets all programmed and used regularly in shows for about 2 years.

The guitar presets are now bricked, only the vocal presets change.

If I were at home in my studio, I’d have more interest in troubleshooting, but I’ve been in the road now for 5 weeks and the process becomes a grind and considerably harder to deal with.

Interestingly, my first Play Acoustic crapped out on the road when the LED screen failed.

Is it a software or hardware issue? Who knows?

The global gtr effects is turned off.
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