Play Acoustic using Reaper?

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Newbie here... Can the Play Acoustic be used as a recording interface in Reaper w/Windows 10? If so, how ? Thanks

Re: Play Acoustic using Reaper?

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Hey Daniel,
Yes indeed the PlayAcoustic can record to a DAW via USB. I'll hit you with the catch first before you go through the setup process - the PlayAcoustic will only output stereo audio over USB. This means you won't be able to separate the vocal and guitar into their own channels/tracks with a single playthrough, you'll only get a wet stereo mix of both vocal and guitar. So separating the two inputs would require multiple passes of the same song (ie. record the guitar first, then record the vocals into another track). If you're cool with that, read on...

Firstly ensure your unit is updated to the latest firmware version (48) with our VoiceSupport application. So you have your analog inputs - your microphone and guitar - both going into the PlayAcoustic, that's pretty easy. Then connect your PlayAcoustic to your computer via USB if you haven't already. Windows has a wonderful feature of automatically disabling audio devices, so to enable the PlayAcoustic in Windows get into the "Sound" menu by right-clicking on the volume/speaker icon in your system tray (usually bottom-right of Windows) and then click on "Playback Devices". You should have a list of connected audio devices pop up, find the "Analog Connector Play Acoustic" in the list, right-click on it, and select "Enable".

Now in this same window, navigate to the "Recording" tab and do the same thing - find the Play Acoustic and Enable it. Now the PlayAcoustic will be visible to audio programs in Windows!
In whatever DAW you're using, select your "Analog Connector Play Acoustic" as the audio device, and you're set! You can now record from your PlayAcoustic into a DAW essentially using it as an interface.
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Re: Play Acoustic using Reaper?

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Awesome, Spencer. It works! My Windows menu, for some reason, looks quite different but I managed to find the Play Acoustic and set it up so that Reaper and Audacity see it. I can record from both but playback is thru my monitors and not thru the Play Acoustic (not an issue, though). Thank you very much for the help. Cheers !

Re: Play Acoustic using Reaper?

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Thank you, Spencer. This answers a second question I had originally when I purchased this unit, not sure if it could be used in a DAW situation. I'm also amazed that I didn't know about the "Global" settings, and spent the better part of a day trying to get different Bodyrez settings on each preset. Now with the global guitar effects setting off, I can write presets forever. The Play Acoustic also works as a simple audio output for my computer. I was just listening to some Yes, and it sounds great.
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