Project- Special Pedal 6 for the VoiceLive Touch 2

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Hi all,

As I've only just begun using the VLT2 I'm still unfamiliar with some of it's functions but can already see things can be made better. (For my own use in the studio or on stage)

1) The first order of business is a battery pack so I don't have to plug in all of the time.Plugging in is really inconvenient and sometimes impossible without carrying a 50 foot extension cord (been there, done that!)

2) The second is a custom pedal-6 for the new firmware upgrade. I'll admit I haven't purchased TC's pedal 6, not for the fact that I'm pretty cheap but because I want more control over the VLT2 than they have offered. This is why this pedal-6 will have:

-Standard 6 switches for regular pedal 6 control, mode toggled by a 7th pedal
-MIDI output to send custom MIDI messages to control the VL2, modify-able via MIDI Sysex from regular .txt file
-MIDI input / merge to allow other controller's data to be forwarded to the VLT2
-Arduino based (pro-mini) to open source for others etc.

Via MIDI, pedal control of levels can be achieved (super useful to me), as can be Loop quantizing (4,8,16 etc) and even preset Loop sizes. The Sysex can create up to 4 MIDI-Pedal board presets.
On top of that, the foot board will have several modular signal inputs (clock, triggers, CV) to sync to eurorack setups without having to pass through MIDI first.

If you'd like to see the project's progress, it's at http://www.freshnelly.com/voiceLive2.htm

Re: Project- Special Pedal 6 for the VoiceLive Touch 2

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The project has advanced, now have a case Smiley Happy and decided to add CV inputs and Clock pulse input/output to interface with eurorack modular goodies.
May have to add a 3rd MIDI jack to split out signal though as VLT2 is the end of the MIDI chain

On the battery front, the VLT2 only draws 290mA mostly so the batteries last forever!
TC Helicon should come out with some form of lithium battery pack that size as an accessory, I'm sure a lot of users would love to have it!

The only thing I don't love about the VoiceLive is no power switch. All that yanking on the power plug is sure to damage it in the long run, plus it's in a hard place to find by feel.
In my studio I just cut the mains to all of the outboard kit (synths, piano etc) so it's not an issueI suppose.

Re: Project- Special Pedal 6 for the VoiceLive Touch 2

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After using the DIY Pedal 6 ( I am calling it the Pedal7 now as there's actually 7 pedals) for a few months I'm finally working on the "goodies" section.
It has worked flawlessly as a pedal 6 (thanks TC for a great ADC circuit!) but I have added some serious upgrades to it and am presently doing the debugging and programming etc.
Some of the features include:

1) A hybrid SDS_Tap system- a built in MIDI drum sequencer that can sync to a tap tempo and send MIDI clocks to the VLT2 of course

2) A GM MIDI sequencer- when not plying drum loops, an entire MIDI song can be loaded and played to the tap tempo. Not only having a GM MIDI output there's the output to VLT2 thus adding automated control of anything that is controllable (FX/Levels/Looping).
Song can have several looping points assignable to a pedal & synced on the bar. Looking forward to this for performing!

3) A Polyphonic Sample player- can be used with above to increase drums/ realism and play synth samples and even Loops. SD card based but 20 minute internal flash memory

4) Stereo audio input & EQ- a mixer for samples and ext audio feeds audio into VLT2's AUX input so only the VLT2 need be patched to an amp. Also an input (say piano in my case) can be EQ'd on a per-song-loaded basis. This would be useful for a softer song with slow piano, or if used with V-drums with GM MIDI (Yamaha) can drop the bass EQ for DJ-like breaks.

5) CV, Clock, and Trigger I/O for interfacing to (eurorack) modular or other voltage driven devices (basic lighting etc) Can also be used to re-trigger VLT2 loops from trigger hardware such as a BeatStep Pro or raw drum pad

6) Dual MIDI output, Dual MIDI input- Internal MIDI merge can sort Channels (according to SYSEX Settings) to send to VLT2 and other MIDI instrument. The second MIDI input is 3.5mm TRS style.

There's quite a few other things it does but these are the main features., plus it can run on batteries which is important for me. My VLT2 also has a custom 3D printed battery pack built into the round part in the stand mount. Just enough room! It runs for over 2 hours (never used it longer) on those.

I probably would never make this into a product (for, say, DIY installation inside a Pedal6 case) but hope it may inspire some of you other electro-tech/musicians out there Smiley Happy

I'll post some video links once I get through the programming. cheers!