Question on my Harmony G-XT.

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Yesterday, I took receipt of my TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony G-XT. It was purchased used, online, but arrived in very good condition. I have never had anything of this ilk, before, but all seems to e all right, with it. However, I have a question regarding its use, for harmonies.

It is to my understanding that a guitar, keyboard, mp3 player or CD, could be used to set chord lock-ins of the vocal harmonic structure - and I am at a bit of at a loss of understanding, on that. My desire is to use this in my little home studio setup, as a vocal harmony generator. If I integrate my synth, I've read that the device would have to 'hear' the chords played. Now, wouldn't that raise concerns about sounds from the synth being entered in - and PRINTED on the DAW's track, along WITH the harmonies?

The downloaded manual was a bit sparse, as far as I depth info on how to, best, use this thing. I am really hoping that I can use my keyboard to SET the chord bed - and nothing more than THAT.

I hope that I have articulated my aims clearly, and that someone might have some info for me.

Advanced thanks,

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Re: Question on my Harmony G-XT.

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Hey Nathan,
The 6.5mm "Inst" input on Harmony G-XT is used to provide the Harmony effect with real-time chord information. The harmony voices choose their notes based on the current chord (or last-played chord if nothing new is being input). By not using the instrument "Thru" output, the instrument input is route to the main XLR outputs but you can adjust the instruments output level with the "Guitar" knob. With the "Guitar" knob at about the 8 o'clock position (just above the "Auto" position) the instrument signal is not output, so it can silently guide the harmony voices. You can also use the instrument "Thru" output which removes the instrument signal from the XLR outputs and just sends it out that "Thru" jack. Hope that helps Smiley Happy

From the manual: "The most important notes of your chord, as far asHarmony-G XT is concerned, are the chord root and the third, so make sure these notes are clearly voiced."
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Re: Question on my Harmony G-XT.

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Helpful, you have indeed been - and, very much so.

Many, many thanks.

God Bless,

Re: Question on my Harmony G-XT.

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You'd get the best results if you only send left hand chord stuff and also have chorus/reverb off on the keyboard output.