Rubber sticky on Voicelive2

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I bought my VoiceLive 2 in 2010. I didn't use it for a year or so. Now I took it out of its case ( plywood) and I noticed that all the rubber parts are totally sticky. Thats no dirt, I think its deteriorating. Has anyone solution for this problem?
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Sticky "rubber" VL2 parts...

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Hi anyone who comes across this.

I know that much time has passed since this entry was made, and that there is one other thread on this topic elsewhere on this site.

I had the same issue of sticky rubber on the VL2. I managed to order two ends from TCHelicon which took several months to arrive. I then tried to clean the ones I removed, and discovered that Evo-Stick Adhesive Cleaner, with very little effort, completely removes the coating that has gone sticky.

The parts are injection molded from what looks like ABS or PVC. A coating has been applied during manufacture to give it a rubbery feel.

Removing the rear handle to clean it is not difficult. Use a suitable torx screwdriver and remove the black screws that secure the underside panel, plus the chrome screw in the centre of the carry handle. You will then be able to remove the two screws that hold the inner and outer sections of the carry handle together. Its easy to clean all the sticky coating from the plastic parts.

Luckily the Evo-Stick Adhesive Cleaner is very cheap!

Any recurrence in the future I will post back here.