SingThing looper bug! (and other suggestions)

Contributor - Level 2

I found a bug in SingThing's looper. I am using the latest firmware.

1) Record a loop (I recorded silence)
2) press stop
3) press rec/play to start playback
4) press rec/play again to overdub and let it go over a loop point couple of times
5) press rec/play to end overdubbing
6) Terrible LOUD digital noise peak occurs while the loop is playing! Scared the heck out of me!

Please fix this as soon as possible!

Another small bug, start device, go to setup, choose mic type, change setting. Shows preset number for no reason. Doesn't show it again, but only if device is shut down and turned on.

And some additional suggestions to firmware update:

1) It would be really nice to have option to turn speaker ON while headphones are connected.

2) Please allow double loop time by adding menu option to change headphones output to mono. Should be possible, right? Smiley Happy

3) Please add option to turn looper's automatic tempo detection OFF. I like to do 5/4, 3/4, 7/4 times and doesn't work correctly. Or if I want to loop with delay on, but now suddenly delay tempo changes when loop starts playing. Then I have to tap right delay tempo again.

4) Option to change delay filter to low-pass filter only. Now it is low-pass+high-pass and sounds thin to my taste. Why not also an option to low-pass only.

5) "Notes" mode in harmony via MIDI would be awesome (even if only max 4 voices is possible)

Nice piece of equipment otherwise! Smiley Happy

Thanks, Pekka