Swtich 3 Changing Functions?

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I have been using the VL3 and Switch 3 in live performance for over two years with the same setup. The footswitch is mapped to Loop Rec/Play, Loop Stop/Erase, and Loop Undo.

Today, for no apparent reason switches 1 and 2 go directly to RETAKE, even when there is nothing recorded to the loop slot. I've check my button mapping, plugged and unplugged (you never know), and shut down and restarted the VL3. I can't get it to behave the way it should.

I've seen similar posts, but nothing exactly like this. Any help will be hugely appreciated.
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Solved, I guess

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Today, 24 hours after my Switch 3 freaked out, everything is back to normal. I still have no idea what caused the glitch or if it will reoccur.

Help! It's doing it again

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Well, today during a practice session, my VL3 or Switch 3 (can't tell which is at fault) starting going directly to Retake when I press record .

Does anyone know of a preset or loop setting that could cause this? Anyone have a similar problem and figure out a solution?

Resolved, but not happy

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After more testing, I finally figured out that my M-Audio EX-P expression pedal is to blame for this weird behavior. After following the instructions for calibrating the pedal and connecting the foot switch (https://kb.musictribe.com/musickb/view?id=kA028000000NCZMCA4 ) repeatedly, and trying the "M-Audio" and "Other" settings on the pedal, I can't get the Switch 3 and expression to play nice.

In the interests of full disclosure, my 3-button switch is a Digitech FS-1 that I've had longer than the VL3 with no issues until now. Does anyone know if a TC switch makes a difference? I've read they are 100% compatible.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Swtich 3 Changing Functions?

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The switch-3 is basically a 2 button footswitch where the third button is the forst 2 buttons pressed at the same time, u could wire a 2 button non latching footswitch and get the third button action by pressing them both at the same time. They do that with diodes, as long as the digitech is wired the same way (which i believe they are) then u should be ok.

The issue may be with the cable, ive had issues like that using a bad cable. I’d test using another cable and keep a spare