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I am in the process of creating an editor app for the Play Acoustic. I have no idea how to make a real time editor, but I am making great progress with an app that will read and write SysEx files for the Play Acoustic. I am working on mapping out the data, but it will be a slow and tedious process.

What I am hoping for is to get my hands on the SysEx specification for the unit. Not sure if anyone from TC Helicon follows this blog, but if anyone out there has access to this, please share it with me.

If I can't get the specification, I could use some help from the community. If you are interested in helping, let me know. I have an app I wrote (for mac) that opens 2 SysEx files and highlights the differences between the two. I need to map out every setting on the unit and figure out how the setting is captured in the SysEx file.

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Hi Randy,
I too did a little digging into the play acoustic .SYX dumps
They actually consist of 6 separate SysExe messages in one file and they more or less are loosely modelled like the VoiceWorks/Live MIDI specification but the difference is that the "0x21" data command is not described in there. I suspect they describe the separate voice and guitar FX parameter sets and the mixer settings . The first "0x20" section describes the memory location and patch name.
But the exact parameter mapping remains a bit of a mystery without documentation.

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Please stay tuned... Smiley Wink

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well, i stayed tuned for more than a month now, anyone knows what's going on exactly?