TC Helicon Voice Live touch 2

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Dear friends!

I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if I write something or explain a little wrong.
I usually play keyboards like One Man band, and I recently bought TC Helicon Voice Live Touch2.
I used many years of TC Helicon Voice Works, and in a word I was so pleased with that device. But as they wear theirs, so the device started to shake more and more, so I decided to buy a new one.
Now. here I am asking for help, or for advice.
How can I connect VLT2 via a mixer (Peavey XR1212) without using a microphone on VLT2, so I use a special microphone (AKG C520 + Wirelles WMS 40 Flexx).
Namely, when I used VoiceWorks, INPUT channel and I connected to MON1 or MON2 on the XR1212 and VoiceWorks via the OUTPUT channel into a single stereo channel on the XR1212, and so separated Voice Works, with a special microphone channel (of course, connected via MIDI to piano player PA 700)
Is it possible to connect VLT2 in this way or other?
If so, in what way, with which cables, etc ...
In advance, thank you all for advice and answers.


Best regards to everyone !!