Tap tempo from midi voice live touch 2

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Does someone know if tap tempo can be achieved with a momentary cc message on the vlt2? I use a behringer fcb1010 with uno chip.
Can the switch 1 and 2 out from a midi controller or other midi switcher be used to connect to the switch port of the vlp2 to achieve tap tempo?
Any other suggestions ? Thanks

Re: Tap tempo from midi voice live touch 2

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Hey Clayton,
Unfortunately there is no MIDI CC for Tap Tempo in VoiceLive Touch 2. The only ways to set the tempo in VLT2 is either in the Delay effect where you can bake it into a preset ahead of time (I'm happy to explain this further if you're interested), you can map Tap Tempo to a Switch-3 or Switch-6 footswitch, or you can use the dedicated Tap Tempo button on the bottom-left of the Touch 2 itself. I don't believe hooking a MIDI controller up to the footswitch input will do anything, as that input reads voltages and not data. Cheers!
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.
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