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VL Touch 2 does not separate mic/guitar over USB when set to dual mono

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When set to dual mono, my voicelive touch will separate mic and guitar on left and right TRS outputs.

I would expect the stereo signal over USB to do the same. It does not. (It includes mic+guitar on both left and right.)

Is this a bug or intended? If bug, how soon can we get it fixed?
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Re: VL Touch 2 does not separate mic/guitar over USB when set to dual mono

Triber Moderator
Hey Jack,
The output mode in Touch 2's "Setup" menu only affects the analog outputs. USB audio output from the Touch 2 is just a wet stereo mix, and there's unfortunately no way to change this. If you'd like to separate the instrument and vocals in your recording, we typically recommend recording the instrument first on its own, then recording the vocals separately over that. It's likely you'll have to do some track-dragging in your DAW afterwards to line them up perfectly. Cheers!
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.

No USB: track on Voicelive touch 2?

Contributor - Level 1
To sum up, can you confirm that VL touch 2 does not have USB:Track parameters (while VL1 did!!), and so there's no way to send an unprocessed vocal to the DAW??

It's like going backwards from VL touch 1!

Can you confirm that
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