VL3E buttons liquid damaged. How to get repaired by autorized centre?

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Hello everyone! First post here.

I have this TcHelicon Voice Live 3 Extreme with 2 buttons that doesn’t work properly. I believe is due to some liquid damage because of the smell. I think my cat may have pee on it. Cleaned everything and still doesn’t work. Took to an electric tech friend to check and said that Even cleaning it, didn’t work. The unit turns on and works, but the main wheel randomly works and the right arrow under the wheel doesn’t work at all.
I’m from South America but a friend of mine will go to New Jersey, USA and can take the pedal with him. I’d like to know how can I have this solved. According to the site, there’s a Service Centre in New Jersey. PANURGY OEM. Tried to email them but keep getting a return mail with a not delivered notice. Can I just tell my friend to go there whit the pedal?? Or I need an Autorization Number and then send it to them?

Re: VL3E buttons liquid damaged. How to get repaired by autorized centre?

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Hey Fabio,
Sorry to hear your cat doesn't like our product. Unfortunately I don't think you can just show up with a pedal and ask them to fix it. Please get in contact with our support team, they'll be able to walk you through getting your unit into a service center and how much it might cost to fix. Good luck!
Spencer Larsen - Testing Engineer @ TC Helicon, MUSIC Tribe. Our Support Team is always available for more urgent assistance.