VL3X Nova Drive

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I'm wondering if there's a way to control my Nova Drive with the VL3X.

Like, when I record a sequence, is there a way to assign a switch to engage the Nova Drive via MIDI?

This would make for an ideal situation!!


Re: VL3X Nova Drive

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Hey @tdblanchard,

The physical connection is easy, just take the MIDI output from the VoiceLive and plug that into the MIDI input of the Nova Drive, but this might not be as useful as you're hoping.  The issue is that neither product has remappable MIDI CC's, all the CC's in each product are hard-coded and can't be changed around to suit your needs.  When comparing the CC tables for both products there is some overlap, for example you can turn on the guitar octaver in VL3 to engage the OD drive in the Nova Drive, but you're quite limited in terms of having the two products interact.


Here are the MIDI CC's for the Nova Drive:


And here are the CC's for the VoiceLive 3:

image.pngJust FYI with VL3, those CC's are what you can send into the VoiceLive to toggle those effects, but are also the same CC's that the VoiceLive outputs if you manaully toggle that effect with a footswitch.

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