VoiceLive Rack preset sysex: Sending from within a DAW

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OK got me a VL rack. Nice thing it is. Maybe in need of some upgrading of the VoiceSupport2 software?

Q) Every time i want to load a 3rd party preset via VoiceSupport2 while using a DAW as external effect i get this very annoying message "the USB (MIDI?) driver is in use", even if i have quited Cubase in my case. Is there any way to send (sysex) with Cubase running, especially loading downloaded 3rd party patches with a sequencer running is a great time saver. AND I DON'T have Chrome installed .... still get that message after i quit Cubase. Regards, J

Re: VoiceLive Rack preset sysex: Sending from within a DAW

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Hey Jack,
This is an interesting use case... Are you using the USB port in the VoiceLive Rack to receive presets? If so, hopefully you've got the "USB Control" parameter in the "Setup" menu's "System" tab set to "On". Even still, I'm pretty certain that Cubase is grabbing the Rack as a MIDI device, and not freeing it up when you exit Cubase. I'm not familiar enough with Cubase to say, but I know in Reaper that you can 'disable' MIDI devices so the application cannot use them, maybe Cubase can swing this too? If you can't get Cubase to leave the Rack alone, then no you won't be able to send presets over at the same time. I think your plan B should be to just load all the presets onto the Rack first, before hitting up Cubase, the Rack can hold hundreds of presets! Cheers Smiley Happy
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