VoiceWorks Plus as guitar harmonizer?

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Anybody here used a VoiceWorks Plus as a guitar harmonizer?

Thinking it should work and be ok, but no experience in this area.
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Re: VoiceWorks Plus as guitar harmonizer?

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Hey Noel,
Yeah this actually works! I mean, you have to turn off all the fancy modelling stuff (Gender, Portamento, Smoothing, Humanization, etc.) to avoid getting a noticeable delay in the harmonized output, but with that stuff turned off using it as just a shifter/harmonizer sounds pretty good. I don't think this guy has NaturalPlay, so if you want it to harmonize intervals (rather than just hard-shift semitones) you have to give it the key you're playing in ahead of time. It reminds me a lot of my old Digitech Whammy, like how when you strike chords you can hear it searching/glitching around - the VoiceWorks Plus is intended for a monophonic input only. What's cool about using the VoiceWorks for this though is that it can add up to 4 voices of harmonies, so it's kind of like splitting your guitar out out into 4 Whammy's at different intervals then summing them all together into a stereo choir. So yeah, the bottom line is that this does indeed work Smiley Happy FYI I tested this just plugging my electric guitar straight into the 1/4" line input on the back of the VoiceWorks Plus. Cheers!
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